A huge internal transformation occurs when you open your eyes after the session or a workshop, return back into your life and

approach your world differently.

You are coming back to yourself

I'm your personal transformational juicy-life Coach.  I support overworked entrepreneurs and CEO’s to establish their tailor-made Yoga, Spiritual practice & Personal development that would create:

  • a 'happy body' feeling, disregard your sizes and shapes

  • an ‘emotional mastery’  in your professional & private environment

That would result in a ‘peaceful mind’ around your dynamic lifestyle and a ‘joyful passion’ that is brought back in your businesses and your teams.

“Life is happening FOR me,

not to me”


I believe that this is about the magical shift that is happening after my multi-dimensional workshops, teacher training or in the private sessions around Europe, US or South-East Asia when my clients or students exhale, open their eyes and smile. 

Tell me through what would you like to access your personal transformation?

After running my private boutique studio ‘Yoga Private Space’ in Vienna, Austria

www.privateyogaspace.com  where my clients have experienced various transformations in their lives i left Vienna December 2016, I have continued my lifelong mission of searching for spiritual experiences and ancient techniques of  teaching how to live consciously and successfully, by being in the wholesome center of own being.